Bankstown Juniors

Bankstown Sports Cycling- Road

Bankstown Sports Cycling hold Junior and Senior racing at the Lansdowne cycling circuit throughout autumn and winter, generally on the first and third Saturdays of the month. Please see our calendar page for race dates.
Our road circuit is located on Henry Lawson Drive at Lansdowne Park.
Entry to the circuit is from the car park on the top of the hill- in front of the remote control model car track.
The Lansdowne course is a challenging 2.1 km bitumen circuit just for cyclists.

Our typical club road race distances:
Juniors (age divisions from 6 years) Events range from 2 8 km.
Seniors & Masters (graded A to D) Events range from 20 50 km.

Criterium Racing
Bankstown Cycling Club Criterium races are held at the 700 meter Criterium circuit next to the Dunc Gray Velodrome at Carysfield Road, Bass Hill. (Part of the Crest complex).
In a Criterium, riders usually race for a set time period. When the time is up, a whistle is blown, signifying there is 3 laps to go. A bell is rung at the beginning of the last lap. Criteriums are generally held over shorter distances than road racing, but are often raced at a faster pace.